Gel Artificial nails

Do you have broken or chipped nails? No worries just cover it up with pretty artificial nails with magnificent design and embellishments. wood_textured_gel_nails_by_undomiele-d5po05pGel nails are artificial nails that have been gaining a lot of attention lately. With their natural look, everyone’s going crazy over them. Softer and more flexible compared to acrylics, they don’t need strong smelling chemicals.

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Pros and Cons of Using Acrylic nails

By combining liquid and a monomer and polymer powder you’ll have a liquid which you can apply on nails ass artificial nails. This are called acrylic nails. 7760558002_cb6689bfca_bFairly older than other artificial nails, these are readily available in the market. With proper care, acrylics tend to last longer as compared to other artificial nails. 7558052540_b1821d2f63_b

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Shellac nails, the Magic Polish

Want to wear flawless polish with superior color, chip-free and long lasting polish. Well, this Power Polish is for you. Slide 1Shellac Nail it gives your nails a mirror shine, smudge-proof color that easily dries but could last a week or even longer. CND-shellac-nail-polish A miracle polish, it’s a system perfected by Creative Nail Design or commonly known as CND. It’s a hybrid of a gel manicure but far from watered down gel. Continue reading


Fall nail art designs

Red, brown and yellow covers the land as leaves starts to dry. The weather starts to turn from warm to cold. Cold winds starts to blow as the season that ends summer and welcomes winter comes, autumn. Earthy smell, fallen leaves are just some of the representations of fall. Let the wonderful season inspire you to create gorgeous designs on your nails. Below are just some of autumn inspired nail arts. Continue reading